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Our goal is to set up a film group that has a rotating set of local personnel for 'hands-on' work,  and input from external personnel from all over over the country (scripts, screenplays, promotion, etc.) from project to project so that we always keep things fresh. 

We are located in the northeast area of Georgia and we will be reaching out to local talent.  We will be reaching out through Kickstarter and PayPal  Direct to help offset some of our costs.   
Registered supporters of our film projects will in depth videos on  our construction of very low cost film making accessories like: 
$ 8.00 Teleprompter 
$ 9.00 Camera Shoulder rig with mount for small monitor (tablet) 
$14.00 Three axis l Camera Stabilizer 
and many more items. 
If you are construction / DIY challenged and, if there is enough interest, we are considering offering low-cost pre-cut and pre-fabricated parts kits for you for these pieces of equipment . 
Supporters will all get access to video tutorials on how we: 
Edit footage and process our footage 
Compose and create our music and  sound tracks 
Make our CGI effects 
DVD copies of our film projects, bloopers,a nd otehr behind-the-scene material 
Top tier supporters will also have access to some of our raw footage and raw audio tracks to try their hand at re-editing our work. 

To have access to our movie and equipment reviews, tutorials, , and project  information please  Register below. 
NO member information will be given to third parties and will not be used for merchandising purposes.
NOTE: Registration will be availabile by the second quarter of 2020