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Founded by Kenneth Parker and Bill Wright, FocalScope Films LLC, is our undertaking to produce quality films and video on a zero to slim budget.  Since we are a new production company we are admittedly on a huge learning curve. 
Our goal is to set up a film group that has a rotating set of local personnel for 'hands-on' work,  and input from external personnel from all over over the country (scripts, screenplays, promotion, etc.) from project to project so that we always keep things fresh. 
We are located in the northeast area of Georgia and we will be reaching out to local talent.  We will be reaching out for sponsers through Kickstarter and PayPal  Direct to help offset some of our costs.   

All of our pre-production  and post-production work is done with off-the-shelf software like Final Draft, Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects, iClone7, MovieStorm,Cakewalk Sonar Platinum, Blender (free),  and ScriptBuddy (free).  The one piece of custom software is an application for controlling our Canon equipment and audio recording.  We will make this software available early next year (after we have broken it enough times to make it stable). 

Kenneth Parker
Ken's background is very diverse and started in photography.  Now he is focused on our video and film production, location scouting,  and also database design and  management.  Ken is our principal Director of Photography.
Bill Wright
Bill's background is in music compositon and arranging that has expaned to film scoring, video editing, and VFX /CGI work.   He also creates software and produces our tutorials.  He is our chief editor and composer.
John Q Public
YOU! - your background is unknown to us.  We are looking for people to act as interns    (means no pay and that you want to learn and practise your craft. to help with various project work to be done with our startup endeavor.  If helpiong locally, we will however make sure that you are fed. Register for the site and you can check out  what we are looking for.
Work Examples
'Arion Cooker' Infomercial (Parody)
This is an example of a short product infomercial we produced  as a parody. 
We can shoot your products for any type of promotion, sales meetings, overviews, etc.
The Choice of Freedom
This video is the temp work intro to our featurette that follows the crew of the first private space station as they face some tough choices.    Title music scored, and CGI  work done in house.
I Fought The Grill
This short film (9:30) is the small plight of a  suburban man dealing with a common chore.

Tis independent file is totally produced in-house at FocalScope Films.
Film Score Excerpt
This is a short video exceprt from a cancelled video game movie.  Film score was created for FocalScope films by oru affiiate, PWA Music.
The Raining Calm
Releaxation video montage - original music by PWA music. We can buld these types of montages for you from photos or from video clips.
On This Day
Wedding photo montage  to highlight original wedding song by PWA Music.  We can buld these types of montages for you from photos or from video clips.
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